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Nov 25, 2010

What is sin?

I've heard it said that sin is a slave master, a owner of souls, and a tool of the devil. But, isn't sin separation from God? If we are not in proper relation with God, we either live disconnected or make amends.

To make amends, most folks are truly sorry for the pain they have caused God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They pray to God and ask for his forgiveness. They may also ask friends and loved ones to pray on their behalf. Catholics may also pray to ask saints, those souls that a thorough investigation of their life has revealed are in heaven with Jesus, asking them to pray to God on our behalf as well.

Sometimes, we know that God has heard our prayers for forgiveness, and those of others as well, but we just don't feel like anything has changed. That is where faith comes in. Faith is the belief in something despite there being no evidence that it exists. God forgives us our sins if we ask him to. He doesn't have to forgive them if we don't ask him to.

Jesus came to save us and bring us grace. We just have to accept it. But, we are still human and still will sin. That is the nature of our natures.

Prayer is the conversation, the dialogue, we have with God. Many times, I have shared understanding silence with a friend. Many times, others have told me no I cannot have something I really want. Sometimes I figure out why that was a no answer and other times I don't, and both are okay. Many times, I've just been so excited that I talk a mile a minute and have to share what's been happening.

Other times, I just want the other to listen and love me and not try to fix, but just hold me in a warm presence, when I'm describing a horrid thing that's happened. Other times I'm in disagreement and yet know the other is right, but still feel the need to express why or how I disagree with the other.

Prayer is our way of doing these things and many more with God. May you have a conversation with God and even if you feel silly or like you are talking to an empty room, know that he is listening to you always.

If it's been a while since you talked with him, just start by saying something along the lines of "Hey, God, I know we haven't talked for a while. But, today I really need to talk with you about something." Then, talk with him about what ever it is.

Just remember to listen for his response as well. With time and practice in talking with God, you'll begin to understand his way of talking with you. And, don't let anyone tell you that he has to talk with you in a certain way...we are all individuals, God created us for enjoyment, and God loves variety. One size fits all doesn't work with God because he wants a personal relationship with each of us.

Good luck with your God talks.