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Jan 26, 2011

Starting the RCIA process

I went to my first RCIA meeting tonight. We talked about who Jesus is, was, and will be. The beginning of the session was a review of the last session when the other participants were to choose a Beatitude to meditate on and that applied to their life.

I would've chosen either the poor in spirit Beatitude or the powerless one. I have always had a depressive spirit and have battled with suicide in the past. The meek/powerless one resonates because I have always felt drawn to fight for the underdog, whether myself or others.

In the rest of the discussion, we talked about the characteristics of God. Then, we talked about Jesus' characteristics. We were more explicit in defining God's characteristics. We were left with the question of Who is Jesus at the end of the session.

The leader of the session encouraged us to read the stories about Jesus and list his characteristics. After creating these lists, to compare them with God's characteristics and with each of Jesus' other characteristics. This is to see if Jesus has external validity with God and internal validity with himself. Even though they are both various parts of the same entity, just different persons.

Tonight's episode of Bones is the one about a horned schizophrenic patient who is burned on the altar of a Catholic church. Booth's a devout Catholic, an assistant in the Jeffersonian is Muslim, and Bones is empirically atheist. Each is perceiving the same information, but each is interpreting the information differently.

I find the topic to be ironic and appropriate for today's discussion.

To read the Beatitudes to find your own resonating Beatitude, please read Matthew 5: 3-112, as shown here:

What do you think?