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Feb 14, 2011

Rosary Video, A reminder

The following video shares the Rosary and the power of this prayer.

Topic Ideas

Hey there, all,

I was wondering what are some of the topics you'd like to know more about from the Catholic perspective. I'm generally winging it and wanted to respond to your needs too.

Here are some of the ideas I have
1. more book studies, especially for the books not in the Protestant Bible
2. Catechism readings
3. Topics from the RCIA classes
4. Saints
5. Mary
6. the Pope, Priests, Nuns
7. the Mass, and how it's changing
8. Prayers
9. The Rosary
10. Catholic Internet resources

What are some of your ideas for topics to learn about with me?

Feb 11, 2011

Different Kinds of Sins, Mortal, Venial, Original and Actual

Okay, all, I've been trying to wrap my head around sin. What is it? And, especially, what makes a sin mortal or venial?

The Peace of God

Yesterday, I woke up and needed to go to church. I was having a biopsy later in the day and needed to be blessed. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to receive the anointing of the sick, but I knew I would be able to receive a plain Jane blessing.

Feb 3, 2011

Tobit and depression

Lately, I have been battling the spirit of depression. This spirit has been beating me up mentally and doesn't seem able to give me any respite. Last night, I read the book of Tobit specifically because of this problem.

Feb 2, 2011

15 character meme thingy

Over at Another Cup of Coffee, she posted a 15 character meme thingy for fictional characters. The guidelines are characters whose stories have stuck with you and who are fictional. You should list the first 15 characters that pop into your head.

Sleepless in the Snow

Well, we are due to get pounded with snow today. I'm restless and not able to sleep tonight, so rather than knitting a pair of socks I'm blogging on Catholicism. The world can be strange at times.