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Feb 11, 2011

The Peace of God

Yesterday, I woke up and needed to go to church. I was having a biopsy later in the day and needed to be blessed. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to receive the anointing of the sick, but I knew I would be able to receive a plain Jane blessing.

After getting to the church in the middle of the woods, my friend and I entered the church. The service had already started, so we quietly entered and found a seat near the back of the church. The service was very peaceful. Then the invitation for the Eucharist, Communion, occurred. I went up with arms crossed, as I'm not confirmed yet. The priest blessed me and immediately I felt at peace.

When we returned to our pew, I prayed that God who is all powerful and all knowing grant me the peace to be okay with what would come from the biopsy and the peace of knowing that his will is being done through me. As a child, I would have prayed for God to fix things, not realizing that things were fixed and I just didn't realize it. It was neat to notice that difference.

After coming home from the pain of the highly invasive technique required for the biopsy, I have been sore but not irritated or upset about the pain. This is a new way of feeling about this pain. I have always resented the pain of this part of my body. But, today, even though sore, I feel like the pain has a purpose. That purpose is finding out what's going on in the area of the pain.

I am at peace about this. Before going to church and praying to God, I was anxious and distressed about this time. Not now. Thank you, God