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May 23, 2011

On being Catholic, Communion, Easter

Well, I made it into the inner sanctum of Catholicism. I made first confession, first communion and confirmation. Now what?

Well, I'll start looking around and unpacking things here. There's lots of rooms in this Church and lots of folks to meet. Some of them young and some older, some male and some female, some straight and some crooked. I'll be looking at them in all their glory, warts and all.

I will also be explaining bits of the Catholic faith that others, Protestants mostly, may not understand. The topics for these posts will likely come from the conversations I have with those who are Protestant, my family and coworkers.

And, lastly, I will also be sharing what I think about the books of the Bible. From Genesis to Tobit to Judith to Revelation there are a variety of folks to meet and interesting, imaginative creatures to visualize. You do know that when I say interesting, I mean that I have no idea what to say and am trying to be non-judgmental, right?

Hope you enjoy this happy-go-lucky and slightly irreverent look at this Catholic faith that I've hooked up with. Good luck on understanding my ramblings and rumblings. That's all folks.