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Sep 4, 2011

Burnout Prevention Tips

Tomorrow is Labor Day, 2011. Thinking on labor, a holiday to rest from labor, and work makes me think of burnout prevention. Guess that's my interest in psychology coming out.

On that note, here are some tips I've culled on burnout prevention ... have a restful journey through reading them.

  • Start your day on a quiet note. Don't rush into the day.
  • Take care of your body. Clean, feed, rest and exercise it.
  • Say "NO" to requests, whether you need to or not. And, don't feel guilty about it either.
  • Do something creative, fun, energizing...of course, you need to know what that means for you.
  • Learn what makes you feel stressed, and work to manage that feeling.
 Anyways, that's my take on celebrating this Labor Day! Stay safe, healthy, and chill.