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Sep 10, 2011

a vision

Yesterday, I was sitting in the ICU. I leaned back in my chair. I thought of the dark things swirling around my body that brought me here. I started to feel overwhelmed by how close to dying I had come, and yet God had saved me. Thank God, for God.

Then, I started thinking about God's presence in this situation. I realized He was the one who saved me. I saw him coming towards me and wiping away the swirling things.

It was a lovely vision of His presence. It ended with feeling coddled in His bosom. I felt very loved and warm and safe.

When I came to, the nurse was there with a new medicine to try. I'm allergic to a cousin of this drug, but by doing step up therapy, we could determine if I was allergic to this drug. I knew God was saying that this plan would work, and it has.

The Lord has put good, smart people in my path. I thank Him for each of the doctors, nurses, CNAs, and all the other workers at the hospital who have had a hand in my care from maintenance to food prep to housekeeping.

The Lord is simply amazing.