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Oct 6, 2011

Predestination, Yes or No?

Predestination, the concept of God knows what your ultimate choice will be. Implied within that concept for some is the idea that if God knows what my choice will be, then why bother with corporal and spiritual works of mercy. If you put this into human terms, then maybe it will make more sense.

God knows, as a parent would with their child, the likely response to a question. But, that doesn't mean that the parent will make the choice for their child. That doesn't preclude loving the child, even when the child chooses against the parent's wishes.

God wishes for us all to accept Jesus as our savior. He knows our exact answer to that question, but he isn't making the choice for us. He allows us to choose death or life. No matter how much he wants us to choose life, he will not make the choice for us.