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Dec 10, 2011

Melonberry Curly Mits

Used Melonberry Red Heart Super Saver Ombre yarn, a worsted weight 4, and US size 3 knitting needles.

CO 48.

Work K2P2 ribbing for 2-3 inches, slipping the first stitch of each row.

Start gusset for thumb by increasing one stitch in middle of this row.

Next row work even in pattern, continuing the K2P2 ribbing.

Next row and every other row, increase 2 stitches either side of thumb gusset, until 15 stitches for thumb gusset.

Work to beginning of thumb gusset on a right side row.

Then, BO using stretchy bind off (increase one stitch then bind off increased stitch, then bind off next stitch, repeat till all thumb stitches are bound off).

Work one more inch in ribbing.

Then BO all stitches as for thumb.

With long tail sew side seam.

Repeat and enjoy mitts!

If you would like a PDF of the pattern, please click the link below!

download now