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Jun 20, 2012

POTD, Plan Of The Day

In no particular order,

  • TOPS meeting, take minutes and participate, share about tracking food being too tedious for now what with all that is going on, and with the headaches out of control, I want to control this by not tracking calories, carbohydrates, and exchanges.
  • Continue to eat in a way that is healthy, balanced, but also allows me to eat what I want, not just what's a good choice.
  • Finish reading Mark chapter 9, I think, and record my thoughts on it
  • dishes, laundry and other housework
  • rest my head as I'll be taking migraine medicine, but not till later as I want it strongest in my system when at the meeting tonight
  • hang out with K and a friend
  • knit more hexipuffs, fun little hexagons knit from straight edge to straight edge
  • maybe make some hexipuffs with fun designs
  • pics and posting of stitch markers
  • play with making more stitch markers, they're fun and addicting to make