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Jun 3, 2012

Weekly Update, June 3, 2012

I had been thinking on letting the Etsy shop die a slow death. Then, I got a new medication and realized $2.8 isn't too much to relist all items in the shop.

I've test knitted a shawl and a baby sweater. The shawl is Heliades on Ravelry. The baby sweater is Callippe. They are both beautiful in their own ways. I really connected with the Heliades while knitting it sitting on the dock of the bay of Sebago Lake in Standish, Maine, last week.

The wisps of fog and the back and forth nature of the short rows made me feel like the fog was entangled in my knitting. The pine trees lining the lake also reminded me of the popular trees in the shawl's design. I felt like the short rows were waves floating across the lake from one shore to the other mist enshrouded, distant shore.

The baby sweater is reminding me of the weather as I'm using a grey heather for the body and a bright grassy green for the trim. The grey heather is like the rainy clouds and grey weather we have been having. The green is brilliant like grass in shadowy light from the clouds.

There is no pic of the baby sweater yet. Once there is one, it will be loaded to here.

I am also awaiting responses from the disability folks, both insurance and federal folks. I've received word that the former company's insurance requires another 45 day extension to make their decision. I don't have a choice to say, "No, I want an answer now." I feel if I were to respond that way then they'd reply, "Okay, no, you don't receive anything." So, I wait.

I've been knitting and crocheting as a way to release my tension and need for control. The baby sweater taught me to hold my yarn loosely and not worry when the strands tangled on each other, for I was always able to untangle the three yarn ends I was using. This also taught me to loosen up in life and not try to control things so much. We'll see how long that will last.

I have decided to upload the things I make to the shop to see if others like them enough to purchase them. Hopefully, I'll be making things others find useful and well made enough so as to purchase them from me. We'll see how that goes.

I am also getting used to the new medicine. It puts me to sleep for a few days. I expect that to return when the dose is increased every seven days over the course of four weeks. This new medication is supposed to prevent migraines and push them further apart. It has a strange effect on my glands producing more than they should, but I should also lose about ten pounds from the medication. Since I'm trying to lose weight, that side effect is not unwelcome.  We'll see how it goes.

I have been praying the World Rosary for the Mission Fields. This is a version of the rosary where each decade of Hail Marys is said on behalf of a different portion of the world, Africa, The Pacific Islands, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. I sometimes also say a rosary for the souls in Purgatory and for those here on Earth. I figure that while my body doesn't always do as I'd like, I can still pray with God about the world, his people, and my place in the world. We'll see how that goes.

Well, this is getting long and for my first update, I just wanted to touch base on a few subjects of most importance to me now. If you would like to know more about any of the topics in this post, or if you would like to know more about a topic not covered here/today, please leave a comment so that I can continue the conversation with you.