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Jun 24, 2012

Weekly wrap up, 6/24/12

Well, I didn't actually end up going to the TOPS meeting, my head was hurting too much for that. So, I stayed home and rested in the coolness of the ac K had installed in our kitchen window. That helped with the headache as did the medicine.

I haven't taken pics of the stitch markers yet, but have started on some project bags.

Going to go outside for a bit and knit on the hexipuffs. They are fun projects that work up fast and give a sense of accomplishment a lot like granny squares do.

Later, K and I will take our house guest to dinner at a restaurant that serves everything for less than $5 a dish. That'll be a nice break from dishes and house work for us.

I have a head cold that has morphed into a throat cold and lots of coughing. Hopefully the coughing is under control at the restaurant tonight.

That's all for now folks, looking forward to a more involved knitting week with the cold passing out of my system.

What's your week been like?