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Aug 4, 2012

Chickfila hullabaloo

So, this Chickfila hullabaloo has made me sick on a few different levels. First, the owner of Chickfila, gives his money to groups that try to force LGBT folks into conversion therapy, which has been shown to be harmful by the APA. So that makes me sick. Both Christians and LGBT folks, some of which are the same people, are polarizing into groups that say the other hates them based on unfounded re
asons. God made me. God made me lesbian. God loves me. God loves my wife. Marriage equality would only give us the legal/civil rights associated with marriage. It has nothing to do with the holy matrimonial definition of another person's marriage. How can what happens in my relationship have any bearing on your relationship? I really don't understand that one. If you have an answer, please post it. I'm really curious.