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Oct 8, 2012

What does God want from You?

If you are like most people,you don't know the answer to the question. If you are me, I know a few things that are part of the answer. I know he wants me to love him, read his letters to us, and go to church to listen to masses of his life and lessons for us on a daily basis. Do i do that? Not as often as I would like to see happen. I only do some of these things, and only very intermittently. I'm not a good Christian, but I am a good person. I'm human, dealing with health and physical ailments that limit my abilities to attend religious functions at a set time weekly/daily. God wants us to listen to him in prayerful silence, listen to him while reading the bible, reflecting our love for him back to him. God wants to hear how we frame our experience, how we think of our days and hours. God knows what he's given us, but not how we frame them. He might be sending us what he thinks is a really cool blessing, but we only see the bird pooh, so he needs to send one who can show us the splendor of the birds in flight. He wants us to gather with other like minded individuals and praise him, study the scriptures, and pray to him in a group setting. The group setting gives power to our prayers and amplifies our voices in the streets of heaven. The shared mystical experience gives more meaning to us and our experiences of god.