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Apr 29, 2013

What's in a schedule? Migraines, and prayers.

I have many schedules. There's my calendar. My partner's work schedule. Hagrid's day program schedule. Doctors appointments. Migraine tracking. Menu tracking. Daily schedules. Program schedules. Class schedules. Term schedules.

I'm sick of them all. I have a migraine, and I'm sick of it too. Can I just take the part of my brain that is broken out of my head and shot it? Please!  People I need some freedom from pain, nausea, and sickness here. This is getting to be more than I can handle.

I'm gonna do some damage to my migraines one of these days if I can ever figure it out. But, unfortunately, if I go and do that, I might as well give it all up. My migraines happen in an integral part of my brain, the meninges.

Why on earth do those suckers have to hurt so dang much?!? I hate this part of having had meningitis. I need my head to not hurt.

God, you know what I can handle, you know what I can't. I just wish we agreed as to what I can handle. Now, I'm going to take more imitrex and naproxen, so it might cut this pain in half on the second try. I so hope it does.  God, please, please, help the meds to work how they are supposed to. Amen.