May 19, 2013

21 Day Plan for Busy Women: A Rich and Satisfying Life: Martha and Mary

Being Uniquely You
Martha & Mary: Reverent wonder or relentless worry in Jesus' presence?

Luke 10:38-42

1. What was God's role in Martha's life? Mary's life?
  • In Martha's life, God reminded her of the important things. The most important being to listen to him.
  • In Mary's life, God protected her and let her worship him at his feet.
2. How did each woman respond? Did these actions lead her towards the "rich and satisfying" life Jesus promised?
  • Martha responded by being caught up in the material preparations for Jesus and his friends visit. She was not feeling very "rich and satisfying" life with Jesus at that moment.
  • Mary rested in the "rich and satisfying" life Jesus promised and was not caught in the material world, but was resting in the spiritual one.
3. How does this story apply to me today?
  • This story applies to me today because I do get caught up in the things of this world. I am rescheduling my days to have morning devotions where I read the Bible and pray with God about the day to come. I'm using the NLT version, Our Daily Bread Devotional Bible, and it has readings for each day along with a plan for reading through in one year.
4. What is one thing I can do differently based on what I've learned?
  • I can pause when I notice I'm getting caught up in the things of this world and remind myself that I need to be more like Mary, rather than Martha.