May 20, 2013

21 Day Plan for Busy Women: A Rich and Satisfying Life: Rebekah

Being Uniquely You
Rebekah: Warm friendliness, slowing down to serve others


1. What was God's role in Rebekah's life?
  • God answered the servant' prayer for Issac's wife to be the one to let him and the camels drink from her work. This showed Rebekah's generous spirit. God provided for Rebekah to be Issac's wife, showing her good character in the process, and from her is descended Jesus our Lord.
2. How did she respond? Did these actions lead her towards the "rich and satisfying" life Jesus promised?
  • She responded with generosity by not just letting him drink and getting some for the camels, but "until the camels had their fill." This led her to the "rich and satisfying" life Jesus promised not just through being a link in Jesus' ancestry, but through becoming a favored wife of a young rich man here in the material world.
3. How does this story apply to me today?
  • This story applies to me in that when I focus on doing what is right and good, God will see to the rest. 
4. What is one thing I can do differently based on what I've learned?
  • I can give God my worries when they come to me. Not saying this will be easy or hard, just a thing to do until it becomes second nature, but always with a spirit of gratitude.