May 19, 2013

21 Day Plan for Busy Women: A Rich and Satisfying Life: Delilah and Jezebel

Being Uniquely You
Delilah & Jezebel: Good character wanted! Using influence for harm or for good?

Judges 16:4-22
I Kings 21:1-16

1. What was God's role in Delilah's life? Jezebel's life?
  • God used Delilah to position Samson to know that it was God's power that flowed through him allowing him his great power over the Philistines. Because of Delilah's actions, Samson was in position to kill more lords and ladies of the Philistines than he had ever killed of their people before.
  • God declared that Jezebel would die by being eaten by the dogs for causing the death of Naboth just so her husband the king could have a vineyard. The king did humble himself before the Lord because of the words delivered by Elijah from God, so because of Jezebel's actions the king was led to repentance.
2. How did each woman respond? Did these actions lead her towards the "rich and satisfying" life Jesus promised?
  • Delilah went for material riches and satisfaction rather than spiritual or emotional. Samson loved her, but she loved the Philistine lords' money more. 
  • Jezebel too went for material riches and satisfaction rather than spiritual riches and satisfaction. 
3. How does this story apply to me today?
  • Delilah's story is a reminder that God does use all for his benefit. 
  • Jezebel's story is a reminder that God is a jealous and righteous God.
4. What is one thing I can do differently based on what I've learned?
  • I can weigh the material against the spiritual riches and do my best to go for the spiritual and do what is righteous.