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Jul 6, 2013

Becoming Indigo, A Review

Tara Taylor and Lorna Schultz Nicholson, authors, have written an intriguing story in Becoming Indigo.  A coming of age story of Indigo who is a young lady with growing psychic abilities and who lives in the Glebe, a bohemian neighborhood of Ottawa, Canada, with her friends from high school.  Everyone else seems to be getting ready for college or the real world, except Indigo.

I liked the way the authors describe the characters.  The way they developed Indigo's character, as well as the others.  And, how they

My friend also read this book. She really liked how the story flowed.  The authors made you feel you were a part of Indigo's growth as a woman and her special abilities.  The authors also gave life to the other characters not just Indigo.

One time I was being a negative Nancy, and my friend told me about a time from the story when Indigo was going through something similar.  One of Indigo's older friends tells her, "There are voices in our heads. One's positive and one's negative.  And, you can tell the negative one to go away.  You don't have to listen to her."  That's my paraphrase there, by the way.

I really liked this idea because the Inner Critic was being particularly loud that day.  It needed to be told to go away and leave me alone.  So, I told my inner critic to go away, and the funny thing is, it did. :)

You know how you read things and you think oh, that's a great idea, but you don't implement it in your life?  That's what I had done with that bit of the story.  It took my friend seeing my attitude, having read the story, and being able to pull the right bit out of the story at the right time.

I gave this book 5/5 stars as it does have lots of real world application bits like what I've described here, the story is great, and I wanted to continue the story beyond the book.

I received my copy of the book through the NetGalley review program from the publisher, Hay House, in exchange for my honest opinion.