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Jul 6, 2013

I Am: Renewal From Within the Garden, A Review

In her book, I Am: Renewal From Within the Garden, Dr. Lucie K. Lewis pontificates on the importance of spiritual motherhood and the fourteen "I Am" statements made by Jesus Christ, most of which can be found in the Gospel of John.  Through her story she takes us through the journey of coming into a mature understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit by trying to emulate her dear family friend and godmother, Marion Steel Coles.  Dr. Lewis does a masterful job in her writing of making clear points and backing them up with experiential and scriptural references.

I really liked how she grew in her spirituality through the course of the book.  By beginning with the second hand God of her spiritual mother and moving into her own relationship with God in all his persons, she goes through tremendous growth and changes.  It was exciting to see those changes happen. 

I also enjoyed learning more about the various "I Am" statements about Jesus.  I like learning more about Jesus from the Bible, and Dr. Lewis' book led me to do my own reading of the Gospel of John.  I am finding more than I realized was in there.  I had read through the Bible many years ago and my eyes were not opened like they are after reading Dr. Lewis' book and my life experiences.

Having gone through meningitis and chronic, debilitating migraines, I know how precious life is and how excruciating pain can feel.  I have often prayed for God to take my migraines away, but not my will but his, as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I figure if my having the migraine spares someone else something worse somehow, then despite the great pain, it is worth it.  Like Jesus felt when thinking of taking our sins on himself to spare us from eternal separation from God.

I give this book 5/5 stars because I liked the story and the insights I gained from reading the book.

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I received my copy from the NetGalley Reviewer Program in exchange for my honest review.