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Jul 17, 2013

Time To Get Honest About .... WIPs, A Confession

I was looking at my projects list and thought I had three WIPs.  I even said I had to finish only three projects before I could cast on a brand new project.  Then, I figured out how to put Ravelry Member and Ravelry Designer buttons in my sidebar.

I saw someone had a list of their WIPs in their sidebar too.  I wanted that!

But, it would mean coming out about something.  I have more WIPs than three.  I have more than five, or seven, or ten, or even fifteen.

I have seventeen WIPS.  If you count the projects in the sidebar, you will get to nineteen.  The discrepancy is because one project is a placeholder project for four other projects as one project and one project that has yet to be started.

The Muggle Studies OWL is a placeholder for the information related to my OWL exam for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry.  The OWL is comprised of four sweaters I'm making to enable a baby wizard to blend in with the Muggles he will most certainly encounter through out his infancy.

The other project is my OWL reward project.  Hoxton Handmade's podcast host released her first pattern on Ravelry, Black Death!  I will make it in Malabrigo Rios in purple, which I got through the For Trade/Sale section of the Yarn Stash listings in Ravelry, for less than from the regular sources (even with postage!).   Black Death is a simple triangular shawl with eyelets in rows and columns, but the pattern was devised when Hoxton had an infection so there's all sorts of references to pestilence and death in the pattern, playing with that idea.

I am going to make this project to celebrate my survival from Bacterial Meningitis.  The references to Black Death in the pattern will just make the Bacterial Meningitis be even more put in its place. I will conquer it by doing this project.  Not literally, but even doing it figuratively will give me strength and power to continue through the hard days and the horrid migraines.

I'm calling my Black Death by the name Not A Black, Black Death.  This represents not only my survival through near death experience, but also the actual color is not black, so literally not a black Black Death.

I cannot wait to cast on.  I have to so I'll just have to knit fast.  I think I can do that. ;)