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Aug 26, 2013

Great Little Gifts to Knit: 30 Quick and Colorful Patterns, A Review

Jean Moss has brought together 30 fun projects for gift giving, whether for babies, ladies, gents, or the home.

After looking through the book, I would love to make and receive some of these.  There are shawls, tea pot cozies that can double as extra cool hats, and lots of other awesome presents to make. I may have to rethink my Holiday gift giving plans.  

If you like to see projects worked in bright colors, or you like reading the stories behind the patterns in a book, then this is a book for your enjoyment.  There are some projects that show ways to redo them to make them gender neutral.

I gave this book a 5/5 because of the beautiful photography, the fun stories, and the awesome projects.

I received my copy of the book from the publisher through the NetGalley review program in exchange for my honest feedback and review.

Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition, A Review

Gwen W. Steege has brought together nineteen fabulous patterns for Christmas time in her book Knit Christmas Stockings, 2nd Edition.  These are as simple as a Rustic Lodge and as classic as the cabled Reindeer and Bells.

I especially enjoyed the ornaments.  There are mini socks, sweaters, and mittens to make.  As well as hearts, stars, and trees to decorate with.  There's enough ideas to kit out a family, including puppy and kitty.

I gave the book 5/5 stars because there are so many cute projects that I can't wait to get started making.

I received my copy of the book through the NetGalley review program in exchange for my honest opinion.  I am under no obligation to render a positive review.