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Jul 4, 2017

Blessings of the Migraines, an update

So, why would I post about the benefits of migraines? Grandma prays continually for a cure, but I don't think that will happen. It may, but, I'm not holding my breath.

So, what are the benefits of migraines?  Let me count them....

  1. Greater gratitude for life and simple things.
    1. Walks with my dog in the crisp winter sunny days, the sharp scent of snow enveloping my entire being
    2. Summertime walks at night and getting to see inside the neighbors houses'. Thankfully, they're all decent folks.
  2. Noticing the changes of when birds start to sing in the morning from the insomnia the various medications cause.
  3. Understanding how to communicate without words about stuff with folks who don't talk.
  4. Getting more knowledge and connection with others in the extended family and friends circles.
  5. Growing in a sense of who I am, and what I'm not going to put up with anymore.
  6. Less caring about what folks think of me since I have to wear sunglasses at night in the winter to go into stores.
  7. Getting to know the quieter people in my neighborhood a bit more.
It's not all roses. There's days when I can barely keep anything in me due to the ongoing nausea, and days when I can barely get out of bed due to the head hurting to move, and the great inconvenience of it all being random. But, I also look at the silver linings.

How to love yourself ... some thoughts

Confidence, love for self, feeling great about you and your abilities comes from actions.

Do you want to be a person who does x? Then, do it.

I want to be a person who travels the world. Then, I need to do it.

Need a shower? Take one, use a shower chair if you need to. No one cares, but you, whether you do or don't, and what does it matter as long as you get clean?

Have weight gain from steroids for a multi-week migraine? Go for walks after dark when the light isn't so bad, and do things by handto have less noise in your environment.

Have a butt ton of crafting supplies from before yogot sick? Use them. Enjoy what you can, and make something pretty or practical.




Rest when needed.

Take care of you and your body as there is no one else who cares as much about your stuff as you do.

Updated Patterns!

Hey, All!

I updated all of the patterns I have available on Ravelry. There's seven available plus one that is not available at this time.

Here's the list!
I hope to get the sweater pattern written by the end of the year. I need to dig out my notes and convert them to an actual pattern. No one wants my chicken scratch to read.

Hope you have a grand time exploring the patterns!

Oh, and, Ravelry does require a free account to have a profile.