Literary Resources

I'm gathering quite a few literary resources lately in my studies into literature and wanted a place to catch them all, so this is an annotated list of resources.  Enjoy!

JSTOR - With free, registered account, you can save to your shelf up to 3 articles.  Each article must remain on the shelf for 14 days minimum.  Optimal spacing would be Day 1, Day 5, Day 10, or some such.

Project MUSE - free content available without an account, some full text free articles available, easy check box on the side bar to only show what I have access to, has good info on Tolkien Studies, some from that journal is free

Open Library - account required, free, online library that may or may not work in your area.  The state of Maine does participate. Some titles are check out like regular library and some are free to download even if others are reading them too.  Uses Adobe Digital Editions for the reading program.  I personally don't like ADE because it ties me to the computer for reading, but it's okay otherwise.

Project Gutenberg - Free, older, classics, public domain books (time varies, books are from earlier than early 20th century for the USA, and late 19th century for the rest of the world).