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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mermaid Tail for 18" Doll


Bernat Baby Coordinates, Funny Print used for model, 42 grams, 120 yards
US size 6 needle, 4.0 mm
Small crochet hook for seaming
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Work flat.
The first and last stitches of each row are worked in stockinet, knit on right side rows and purl on wrong side rows.

Cast on 63 stitches
Row 1 (right side): K1, (k1/p1) across, k1
Rows 2-10: continue as set, knitting the knits and purling the purls
Row 11: k1, (k2tog, yo) across, k1 OR knit across
Row 12: purl across
Rows 13-83: Work 7 repeats of the Butterfly Stitch (10 row pattern)
·        Row 1: K1, (K1, bring yarn to front of work, slip 5) across, ending k2
·        Row 2 and all even rows: purl across
·        Rows 3, 5, & 7: repeat Row 1
·        Row 9: K4, (bring needle under the 4 loose strands at front of work and knit through them the next stitch on the needle, k5) across, ending K to end
·        Row 10: purl across. Go to Row 1, for another layer of butterflies.
Row 84: K1, (k2tog, k1) across, k1
Rows 85-95: k1, (1x1 ribbing) across, k1
Rows 96-113: repeat the following two rows,
·        Row 1: k1, [k2tog, k8, (in space between next 2 stitches work K1, P1 (increasing two stitches in between two established stitches and making a decorative hole)), k8, k2tog] twice, k1
·        Row 2: purl across
Row 114: Bind off all stitches. Do NOT cut working yarn. Insert crochet hook into loop from last bind off stitch. Arrange seam so that right sides are together and you are looking at the wrong side of Tail. Work 1 crochet slip stitch through both layers of the seam to top of tail. Now, you may cut the working yarn.

I tied a square knot with the beginning yarn end and the finished working yarn strands.

Weave in ends and enjoy!