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Jan 21, 2013

Wingspan Demystified

Hi there, folks!

I have been trying to make the Wingspan pattern for a while now. I started attempting it last August, 2012, during the Ravellenic Games. I tried it while on vacation in northern Maine isolated in a cabin with little to distract me, or help me. I got helplessly confused.

I put the project aside and worked on other projects, many of them, in fact. Then, this January, 2013, I found a thread on Ravelry using the radar function where folks were sharing about the confusion of the pattern. Some advised just doing it step by step, and taking it blindly following through the first two triangles, then getting the hang of it for the rest of the triangles.

I figured I'd make one for the American Girl dolls by using 30/5, instead of 90/16 in the original pattern. The shawl came out very pretty and has a rustic beauty in Knit Picks Palette in Rose Hip. Here's a pic of it on my sofa.

The layout of the shawl also reminds me of the dragon, Smaug in Tolkien's The Hobbit. In my turn in post for Quidditch in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry, I mentioned that the shawl was the mascot dragonette, the Hogsmeade Smaugettes for the new Hogsmeade Quidditch team. My character's aunt, the Hogsmeade librarian, believes that Smaug was misunderstood and if he'd been asked nicely that he would've given back the gold and stuff. She thinks he just had an abscessed tooth ache. Oh well, we never will know now.

I hope you enjoy this adaptation of the shawl. I have conquered the concept of the shawl and feel I can accomplish a full size one in the near future. Just have to whittle down the WIP pile first! ;)