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Apr 4, 2016

So what have I been up to?

Let's see!

November was a rough month emotionally. I got really burnt out on life and knitting and crafting wasn't happening. I was doing a lot for everyone else, and not taking good care of myself.

December, was, well, I did want to help decorate for Christmas, but it was still tough. Luckily my family loves me even when I'm not sure I'm lovable.

January was a fresh beginning. I decided to Sort for the House Cup and was with the Ravenclaws again. So, it was back to crafting with a passion. And, life started looking more nice in general.

February was interesting in that I finally felt weird about turning a 4- birthday. I wasn't sure why it struck this year and not the one when I turned 40. But, it did, and I realized that life needed to be funner and that I was tired of living how I'd been living doing a lot for others but not me.

March was a return to some blahness, and not because of the weather, which was awesome and way too warm for Northern New England. El Nino is a strange phenomenon! Anyways, the month ended with me just wanting to get the projects done and moving on with fun things.

I just did a goals check in for the 2016 Goal Along that PrariePoppins is doing on her website, Imagined Landscapes