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May 18, 2016

Top 7 things that make me feel better

Hi! I saw that making a list of things that make you feel better is a good way to feel better, so here's my list, in the order the thoughts come to me.

1. My family, it's a crazy bunch of people, but I feel better when I'm with them.
2. My dog, Casper is funny and almost always makes me laugh.
3. Writing. Expressing myself verbally, both spoken and written, is a good way to feel better. Writing wins though because I don't have to share it until I'm ready to.
4. Sunshine after the rain, and the smell of the rain. I can't generate those, but I can appreciate them when they happen.
5. The smell of freshly mown lawns, aromatherapy seems to be a theme here.
6. Hot baths, just floating in hot water to soothe achy muscles.
7. Water, whether at the lake or the ocean. Either is a luxurious and rhythmic soothing of frayed nerves.

Bonus: Thunderstorms. They clear the air of all the built up tension, and then you get fresh air afterwards. They also help to reduce humidity sometimes. Even if their going through does cause migraines, I still enjoy the spectacle and pomp of a good thunderstorm. Respect!