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Nov 22, 2010

Presence Filled Waiting

Up here in New England where I live, there is snow on the way. Currently, the weather is in that cloudy, cold, hush that happens before snow arrives. The weather is filled with the presence of snow, but waiting for it to come. School children keep sneaking glances out the window to discover the first flakes of the season. We are all quiet and waiting, sensing the coming snow. Anticipation is building. Excitement is growing. When will the first flakes fall?

As Christians, this should be our response to God. We should be able to sense Jesus' coming, see the signs of his approach, and be waiting with growing anticipation. Even though we say we are in that state, are we? Do we look anxiously with happy anticipation for Christ's return? Are we living our lives like the first flakes of Christ were here? And, I don't mean to imply that Jesus has dandruff. :)

How are you living your life? Is Jesus' return just another day, like the return of winter snows? Or, is it special, eagerly awaited and a "can't wait for it to happen" zeal?

May we have the faith of children and keep sneaking peeks for Jesus' return. And, when it doesn't happen today, go to bed a little disappointed that it didn't happen today, but hopeful that it will tomorrow.