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Jul 26, 2013

Faith of a Mustard Seed

Earlier this summer, Karen and I had gone to a wedding with Casper.  I ended up getting a migraine from the lights.  The loud music helped to make me nauseous.  I let Karen know I was going to the car to take my medicine and rest my head, and that I'd like to talk with her there if she was okay with going outside for a while.

Thankfully, she came out to the car.  We had been talking with someone earlier in the evening and I couldn't hear what had been shared exactly because of the music.  Karen shared the story that had been shared with us.  After that, I initiated praying for those that had been shared about. Immediately after saying, "Amen," I got a stupendous insight.

I saw the mountain and a pail taking one pailful of dirt at a time and building a mountain in a different spot.  I had always thought of Jesus' statement, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains," as being in the background.  I had never given a lot of thought to this principle. It had always been believed but in the background, like wallpaper, the wall is there, but you don't really think about them.

I realized all of a sudden that the faith of a mustard seed doesn't mean magically levitating the mountain from point A to point B, but rather, that it is the faith that with concerted effort over time, the mountain will be moved with the filling of a pail of dirt, walking over to point B, emptying the pail, and repeating the process over and over until the mountain has been moved.  In that one second of of saying, "Amen," I went from a wallpaper understanding to totally understanding that thought fully.  I was so amazed that I said, "Wow!!"

Karen asked, "What?" So, I explained the insight to her.  It took a good five to ten minutes to get all of the words out.  I was so excited, but my head was hurting so we went home for the night.