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Dec 11, 2013

Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe, A Review

I just finished Bryan Allain's ebook, Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe, and if you like thought provoking questions along with action items for the thoughts, then this is a book for you.  I got it because I'm interested in blogging better, connecting with you my readers, and creating a community of folks who can chat about various topics.

This book has great questions to prompt your own growth, and words of wisdom on how to avoid some pitfalls.  My favorite question was, "where do you want to be in three years?"  This kind of question has always made me squeamish in the past, as my life was too chaotic to give an answer I felt confident in.  Now, however, I am confident in saying, that I'd like to be at peace with my disability, helping others get through the trials of learning a new normal after debilitating illness, and possibly, though I am rather shy, publicly speaking about meningitis fall out and the importance of early testing, vaccination, and aftercare.  So, that's where I'm going in the future, and I hope you can come along for the fantastic ride.  Some words of wisdom that Allain shared was to give yourself deadlines.

Deadlines help you to avoid the I can do this tomorrow trap and the perfectionism trap. Both of those traps hinder me a lot!  I have been caught by the tomorrow trap since August, well, September on some paperwork I need to write and send off by February at the very latest.  I need to give myself an earlier deadline than the end of the year, my current deadline, if I'm to break free of this hamstrung trap.  So, I promise that I will finish the paperwork by Monday, December 16, 2013.  Today is Wednesday, December 11, so that gives me the weekend and a few days to make it so, as my favorite Star Trek captain used to say.

As for a rating for this book, I gave it a 4/5 stars.  It's a great book, wonderful even, but like the author wrote, perfectionism is a trap, and so I would feel like I was entrapping Allain by giving his book a 5/5 stars.

Please enjoy this book and share your favorite questions, comments, and bits of the book in the comments section.  Thank you for reading!  Jen