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Jan 14, 2015


Hey all,

I want to share my goals for 2015 with you, so you can all be my accountability partners. Yay!

Here we go!

Crafting Goals

  1. Spin luxury batt with supported spindles 
  2. Finish MKAL Alpine 
  3. Spin a traditional 3 ply with the wheel 
  4. Reduce stash by 1/3. 10 miles to 20 miles 
  5. Finish coopworth locks spinning 
  6. Use handspun in 3 projects
  7. Weave a scarf 
  8. Finish 2014 Year of Lace scarf

Priority Based Goals

  1. Health
    1. Lose 5 pounds in the first quarter of 2015
    2. Lose 20 pounds for the year
  2. Family
    1. Date nights with K
    2. Fun as a family once every to every other week
  3. God
    1. Maintain daily Bible reading plan
    2. Pray the World Mission Rosary weekly
    3. Daily prayers
  4. Education
    1. Attend one Mythgard course
    2. Attend at least one Coursera course, not at same time, nor same time as Mythgard
  5. Self
    1. Take care of my body
    2. Respect my limits
    3. Relax daily
So that's it!  That's my goals for the next 12 months or so. I can do this!

When I feel like giving up, I will tell myself

The pain is only temporary.  This too shall pass. I can use this time to teach myself more about how I work.  My thoughts do not make my reality.