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May 10, 2013

"I Am" Renewal From Within The Garden: Initial Reaction

I'm reading Dr. Lucie K. Lewis' book, "I Am" Renewal From Within The Garden, and am currently 18% of the way through the book. It is a memoir of the Spiritual Mother she had in her godmother who passed on months before the birth of her only child, a boy. She discovers that the bedrock of her godmother's Spiritual Motherhood is her deep and thorough knowledge of the Scripture and a true relationship with God. Dr. Lewis begins to study the Scriptures for herself and finds 13 "I Am" statements of Jesus in the book of John and one in the book of the Revelation.

I'm at the point where she is about to get into the meat of the "I Am" statements. I am extremely excited to be reading this book. My beloved grandmother, Norma, is my Spiritual Mother much as Dr. Lewis' godmother was for her. Grandma always was telling me Bible stories growing up, and telling me she was praying for me, and telling me she was praying for the family and urging me to too, and, she still is! I love her dearly, even when I walked away from her kind of religion, I still loved her and God, just in different ways. She worries that our family won't be in heaven when she gets there. I remind her that our job is to plant the seed and that like the parable of the seed, some will grow deep in relation with God, some will kick it aside, and others won't even understand, but all that's asked of her, us, is to share the seed. She seems frantic at times that she'll disappoint God. I can't presume to think for him, but the stories he told of himself, don't seem like he will be upset with her. In fact, I think the opposite, and very much the opposite.

Anyways, enough about my grandma. This book is looking to be a great addition to my bookshelf. I'm grateful to the publisher, Creative Futures LLC, for providing a free copy through the NetGalley website for me to give my honest review.

Happy reading!