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May 15, 2013

No Longer Waiting For Dead Men’s Shoes

·         In LaurenBaratz-Logsted’s Waiting For Dead Men’s Shoes, A Mini Monroe Comic Mystery, twice divorced book store owner Colin Quimby dies the evening of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. His body is found by the one employee who loved him and wasn’t related to him, Mini Monroe. She looks for his killer among his family and friends, while falling a cute cop along the way.
    Baratz-Logsted has written a funny, cozy mystery that kept me guessing through the course of the story. I loved the relationships and how they developed, especially the budding romance between Mini and the cop who arrives to take initial statements from those discovering the body. I laughed a lot while reading this cozy mystery.
    However, the story is dated by references to various movie actors, particular candies, and television networks. These factors detracted a little from creating a totally believeable secondary world on Baratz-Logsted’s part. The author’s style of talking with the reader was also a little disconcerting, though that could be just my lack of reading works where the imaginary wall is broken.
    Overall, I really liked this book. I loved Mini and would like to read more stories about her and her strange but loveable cast of famliy and friends. I look forward to finding more of Baratzx-Logsted’s mysteries and romantic novels. I give the book 5/5 stars.
    I received a copy of this mystery from the publisher through the NetGalley review program, for my honest review.